I am pleased to announce the second edition of this competition for Nigerian final year students. Click here to read about what motivated me to start this competition.


This is an outreach to students in tertiary institutions in Nigeria who need assistance in completing their final-year project. The competition will give such students the opportunity to present an abstract, proposal, or summary of their project via this medium, which will then be reviewed and voted for sponsorship.

I will review the abstracts submitted by eligible students and post the top five or seven (depending on the quantity and quality of submissions) on this website for readers to vote on. The top two projects with the highest number of votes will be picked up for sponsorship; which will be financial funding as well as any other type of assistance needed to complete the project. Within reason.

This is a self-funded endeavor so I can only support the first and second-placed projects right now. That could change if I am able to get additional support from any person or group of persons interested in joining me for this cause. If this happens, then there will be funds to also support the third-placed project, and maybe others.

The initial selection for the voting stage will be based on relevance, novelty, and creativity of the project. Here are the competition rules:

Rules of Competition

  • This competition is open to any student from any tertiary institution in Nigeria who has started or is about to start their final-year project
  • To take part in this competition, send the following to this email – hexystateofmind[at]gmail[dot]com:
    • A one-paged abstract, proposal, or summary of your project in pdf or doc format
    • A detailed budget of the project in pdf or doc format
  • Submission closes at 11:59 PM (Nigerian time) on May 11, 2018.
  • On May 19 (a week after submissions ends), the top abstracts will be posted on this website to be voted on. Voting will close a week after this – May 26.
  • The winners will be announced immediately and contacted to award prize.

If you have any inquiry about this competition, you can reach me for instant response @HexyDre or send an email to hexystateofmind [at] gmail [dot] com.

Please share and spread the word!