Written sometime ago when president Umaru Musa Yar’Adua (RIP) was receiving treatment outside Nigeria and his vice president, Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan, was “acting”. Still relevant today?:

Night don land tey-tey but him still dey waka,
All man don commot for road, even dem okada,
But Omo9ja no gree stop, in his singlet and pata,
Him dey waka, Omo9ja don lost, him still dey waka.

Omo9ja don go lost tey-tey, but nobody dey find am,
Him papa don go find kidney, he no gree come back,
Omo9ja mama follow him papa, she sef no get heart,
He s’pose dey with uncle Jon but uncle no get liver.

Na all him family get one organ wahala or the other,
Him sef no get balls, na half dey there, serious palaver,
But nobody send say him no dey alryt, even him fada,
So Omo9ja comot, dey waka like person wey life tire.

Omo9ja don lost tey-tey, nobody send, nobody dey cry,
The only pickin of him papa don lost, nobody dey ask why,
All man dey mind him own biznez, nobody dey on him case,
Omo9ja don lost again, another generation wan go waste.